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Getting ready with your Sunies shoes

Getting ready with your Sunies shoes

How do you pack your Sunies for the holidays?

  • One pair of sandals, to travel in, and for going to town or dinner in the hotel.
  • One pair of flip-flops for the beach.
  • One pair of sneakers, for long walks and if it rains.
  • One pair of strappy heels, for special evenings.
  • And for summer vacation in places with pebbly beaches, a pair of water shoes.

If you are anything like me, this is how you pack for your summer holiday. I also pack everything neatly, ironed, labeled, tucked in, zipper-lock protected where necessary.

Then, there is my sister.

She opens her suitcase (trust me, I have witnessed this in person, much to my horror!), and just throws random items in. Including shoes. A pair of flip-flops, a pair of sneakers. Maybe sandals.

And also, my best friend Fiona. The fashionista.

She has.to.have.a.matching.pair.of.shoes.and.a.bag.with.everything! I think she has a separate shoes suitcase when she travels!

Meet Smart girl. She packs only one pair of shoes: Sunies.

They are comfortable to travel in.

They are light and airy for the beach.

They are waterproof, so pebble beaches, here she comes! Summer rain? Bring it on!

Did we say comfortable? So, again, long city walks: check!

And, they are so, so, but oh so adorable, they make any outfit cute just by themselves! 

Now, packing for next week’s trip to Manly Beach.

I am trying to be like Smart Sunies girl. After all, my Sunies are as versatile as they come.

And so, so pretty. But, baby steps people! It is not only that not packing any shoes at all is so unnatural to me. It is that these Sunies are so beautiful, I decided I am taking two: one to travel in, and one in the suitcase. Sunies Sea&Ocean in Glitter Silver, because (hear Fiona!), they go with everything! And a pair of Sunies Butterfly in White in the suitcase, for…. comfort, let’s call it.

Now, if only they started making clothes like this. I could pack everything in a backpack! Yeah, right!

With love,

Your Sunies team.

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